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About Us

“Rediscovered, uncovered, unearthed, material and imperfect precious objects”

The Brand

CōDICEDS ® is new paradigm in craftsmanship and customization of jewelry created for men but loved by women as well.

CōDICEDS is inspired by a strong passion – shared by both creators Leonardo Davighi and Filippo Sanpaolesi – for design, contemporary and ancient art, archeology, as well as for the high aesthetic value that antique Italian handcrafting traditions have been able to produce and communicate since their earliest applications. CōDICEDS embodies the pleasure for the research and collection of rare objects and at the same time expresses the need to experience something new in the world of accessories. CōDICEDS is a meditation on how our past lives and vibrates in our present time.

CōDICEDS’ jewels are rediscovered, uncovered, unearthed, material and imperfect precious objects, evoking past atmospheres and telling old stories; at the same time they are very contemporary with their simple and essential lines, their ability to take on different identities and to express the emotions of the moment.

This first collection of rings and cufflinks is inspired by old stone and metal processing techniques such as micro-mosaic, cosmatesque, opus-sectile, carving, chisel and granulation. CōDICEDS ha revisited them through the use of contemporary materials and finishes, while maintaining the highest standards of modern Italian craftsmanship, with the objective to create a series of objects which are the result of a wide aesthetic research and able to express strong emotions. Versatile objects that can assume different forms through a very wide choice of stones that can be easily replaced thanks to a patent-pending proprietary mechanism. Objects that are able to respond to the ever-evolving aspiration of a single instance, empowering those who wear them to become the creators of that specific manifestation.

CŌDICEDS makes a difference in the world of men’s accessories.

Our Packaging

We have designed and produced the packaging for your CōDICEDS jewels to give you the opportunity to easily preserve and protect your rings or cufflinks enveloped in soft felt; and to safely take them with you when travelling, together with a number of stones of different dimensions so that you have the possibility to choose the one the best expresses the mood of the moment or the one for a special occasion, anytime, anywhere. Our packaging is made of felt recycled from plastic bottles, biologically degradable recycled cardboard and natural cotton. Because CōDICEDS deeply cares about the environment.


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