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1) How can I take care of my CōDICEDS jewels?
It’s very easy and in this page we would like to share with you some advices on how to best preserve your jewels. You have to take into account that metals interact with the environment, with water, soap and creams among other products, therefore you need to follow a few tips in order to protect them. First of all you need to keep them separately from one another to avoid scratches or their becoming opaque. You also need to consider that soaps, detergents and creams can interact with the metal or the finishing and could cause them to wear out prematurely. Water, especially seawater like all sulfur-based products, tend to oxidize the metal in spite of anti-oxidation treatments. Also summer perspiration, especially with a very acid PH, could generate oxidation. Therefore to reduce risk of oxidation to minimum we suggest you avoid washing your hands while wearing your rings and avoid contact with the products we just mentioned; and every once in a while you can wash them in lukewarm water with a delicate detergent, always remembering to dry them carefully as humidity can also be a cause of oxidation. Bezels don’t require special cleaning although we suggest you remove them from the ring and from the stone every once in a while to clean up possible residue that might have accumulated inside the ring. Stones made of polymeric clay do not need special care and can be washed in lukewarm water using a delicate detergent.

If your silver jewel has a burnished finishing we suggest you avoid a thorough cleaning because that could damage the finishing itself and increase that slight brightening of the color that may happen in time with the use. In fact, burnished silver jewels have to be treated with most care, avoiding bumps and scratches that could compromise the finishing.

We have designed and produced our CōDICEDS packaging to give you the opportunity to easily preserve and protect your ring or cufflinks enveloped in very soft felt; and to safely carry your jewels with you when travelling, together with a number of stones of different dimensions so that you have the possibility to choose the one the best expresses the mood of the moment or the one for a special occasion. Enjoy your CōDICEDS jewels and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on how to take care of them; we are happy to talk to you and solve any doubts you might have.

2) How do I replace the stone?
One of the features that differentiate CōDICEDS jewels is the mechanism, designed by the two founders and under patent demand, which easily allows you to replace the stone on both rings and cufflinks. Thanks to this  eculiarity, you can transform your rings or cufflinks in a different object the best responds to the mood of the moment or to the dress code of day, choosing from a very wide and often updated stone catalogue. With respect to other customizable products, our mechanism allows a very easy and safe replacement of the stone that eliminates the risk of detachment and/or loss of the stone, thus preserving the value of the jewel and the ability to enjoy it in time.

A. Rings
To replace the stone in the rings you just need to gently push it downwards and with a simple pressure you will note that both the stone and the bezel are removed from the ring. At this point you can detach the stone from the top of the bezel and replace it with a new one; the small magnets will help stabilize the stone on the bezel. Then you can position the bezel, together with the new stone on top of it, inside the opening of the ring, check that the plungers are in line with the slots you can see inside the ring and then push it upwards until you hear the click the plungers make when they fit in their slots. We suggest this procedure for models CO5, C06, CO8 and C10.
With model C02 and C03, given the size of both the bezel and the stone with respect to the ring, it is easier to place the stone directly in the ring while you hold it upside down and then push the bezel downwards inside the ring towards the back of the stone, with the plungers aligned to their slots. When you wear stones with higher depth we suggest you use this procedure for all models. The C07 model carries a round stone and bezel with a groove that keeps the stone from turning freely when placed on the ring. Once the stone is on the bezel and the grooves on the stone and the bezel coincide, place the bezel in the opening of the ring with the plungers in line with their slots inside the ring and push it upwards until you hear the click the plungers make when they fit in their slots.

B. Cufflinks
The stone replacement mechanism is very similar to the one described for the ring. Gently press the stone downwards until both stone and bezel are out of the cup. You see that the bezel is at the end of the cufflink’s stem. Replace the stone on the bezel and push the stem inside the cup until you hear the click indicating the plungers are in their slots. Please remember that stones for cufflinks model C12 can also be worn on ring model C06 while stones for cufflinks model C14 and C15 can be worn on ring model C10 and C02 respectively.

Enjoy your CōDICEDS jewels and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on stones, rings or cufflinks; we are happy to talk to you and solve any doubts you might have.

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