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Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Art. 1 – Purpose
These General Terms and Conditions of Sale rule the sales of products made by CōDICEDS (trademark owned by CODICEDS di Davighi Leonardo e Porcacchia Sanpaolesi Filippo Maria S.N.C.) through the website www.codiceds.com.

Art.2 – Parties of the Contract
Seller – CODICEDS di Davighi Leonardo e Porcacchia Sanpaolesi Filippo Maria S.N.C., hereinafter CōDICEDS;
Customer – The Natural Person who, identified through the registration on the website www.codiceds.com or who intends to buy a product without registering on the website, for personal purposes, and in any case not for professional reasons or reasons linked to any of her or his professional activities, has forwarded an order of purchase of CōDICEDS products.

Art.3 – Acceptance of the General Terms & Conditions
These General Terms and Conditions have to be examined online by customers visiting the website www.codiceds.com before any order is forwarded by the customers. Once the customer sends a purchase order of a product offered on the website, the customer unconditionally and fully accepts these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, which constitute the contract concluded between the customer and CōDICEDS. The seller reserves the right to change at its own discretion, at any given moment and without prior communication, these General Conditions, included those governing payments and guarantees. Nonetheless, any modification will come into effect only after its publication and will not be applied retroactively, unless legal or regulatory provisions so require.

Art.4 – Documents
The customer concludes the purchase of CōDICEDS products with the online transmission of the purchase order. The contract is inextricably formed and documented by the final purchase order and these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Once the online purchase process is concluded the customer is bound to keep copy of this documentation on paper or other durable medium representing written confirmation of the contractual terms provided by the seller.

Art. 5 – Registration on the website and Personal Data Processing
5.1 The customer can create a customer account on the website www.codiceds.com in order to guarantee maximum transparency and security of the transaction, by inserting a login and password. The customer is responsible for:
1.providing truthful, exact, updated and complete personal data, as indicated on the website codiceds.com;
2.update data so that they are always exact, up to date and complete;
3. in addition, the customer is always responsible for the security of the selected password. The seller is not responsible for an unauthorized use of the password.
5.2 – Collection of data for the purposes of the registration to the website or to complete a purchase on the website without registration, is carried out in compliance of the European Regulation 2016/679 – relative to the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) – with specific reference to articles 6,7 and 13 of said regulation. To this purpose, customer’s personal data will be guaranteed maximum confidentiality on the part of the seller in compliance with said regulation and will be processed also through automated means, directly or through third parties; such third parties will process customer’s data only for the finality related to the purchase of products displayed on the website www.codiceds.com, for statistical purposes, and, only if requested by the customer, the mailing of marketing material. With the registration on the website or the completion of the acquisition form and with the acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale, the customer expresses consent to the processing of her/his personal data for the purposes related to the management of the order received. For marketing purposes, data processing is subject to customer’s prior consent. For further information on personal data processing please refer to our Privacy Policy on our website www.codiceds.com.

Art. 6 – Products and Prices
6.1 – Products are sold as described on the website and at the price, expressed in Euros, indicated on the website www.codiceds.com on the day the order is sent. Our jewels and their finishes are the result of manual workmanship providing each object with unique characteristics. Therefore examples of the same model might differ slightly and not appear perfectly identical. CōDICEDS makes every effort to display products as accurately as possible, however images and colors of the products on sale might not perfectly correspond to those of the real object due to different monitors in use. All products are hypoallergenic in respect to the provision of the Italian Legislative Decree 206-6/9/2005.
6.2 – As prices might be updated, the customer has to verify the final sale price before sending a purchase order. However, once the order is received the product price will not change. Prices do not include delivery cost which are specified to the customer in the order confirmation sent by the seller, as per art.9 of these Conditions. We provide free shipping for orders over €150 within the European Union. Prices shown on the website do not include any possible custom or import duty cost which are taken over by the customer. Promotions, discounts, awards and coupons are valid only if confirmed by the seller in the order confirmation, as per art.9 of these Conditions.

Art. 7 – Purchase
Customers can order the products of their selection once registered or after providing mandatory data for delivery and billing. Customers will also need to indicate their preferred method payment among those allowed on the website www.codiceds.com. Customers must be of legal age and have legal capacity to conclude this purchase contract or orders will not be accepted.

Art. 8 Payment Methods
The seller exclusively accepts payment methods indicated on the website www.codiceds.com when completing the order. Once the customer has forwarded an order, relevant payment can be made only through bank transfer or a PayPal account (www.paypal.it). Customers who don’t have a PayPal account can make the payment with any credit card by clicking on “pay with card”. Orders are billed in Euros based on the prices indicated on the website www.codiceds.com. The amount charged on PayPal accounts or credit card expressed in currencies other than Euros might vary according to the exchange rate at the time of the transaction.
8.1 PayPal Customers can pay the order directly with their verified PayPal account by clicking on “Pay now”. The amount due will be charged on the customer’s PayPal account at the time the purchase order is completed. Customers with no PayPal account can always proceed with the payment by clicking on “pay with card” through any credit card. Any transaction made through PayPal will generate a confirmation email sent to the customer. CōDICEDS reserves the right not to accept or halt/cancel orders whenever PayPal indicates anomalies or irregularities with the payment. When customers make payments through PayPal, CōDICEDS will have no access whatsoever to customer’s credit cards data as they are transmitted, through a protected connection, directly on the PayPal gateway managing the transaction. No CōDICEDS computer archive will retain any of these data. Therefore CōDICEDS cannot be held responsible in case of fraudulent use of the customer’s credit card by third parties, under any circumstances. Also, CōDICEDS cannot be held responsible of the final result of the transaction as this is carried out between the customer and PayPal.
8.2 Bank Transfer When the bank transfer is the mean of payment selected, the customer receives the bank coordinates and all relevant data to complete the payment in the order confirmation email. The same data is shown in the web page that opens up once the order is completed. The relevant products will be put aside until funds are received on CōDICEDS’ bank account and only once they are received, the order will be shipped. Nonetheless, once the order is complete, the customer will send CōDICEDS a copy of the wire transfer via email at the address [email protected] within the 48 hours following the completion of the order. Should such copy of the wire transfer be not received with the aforesaid 48 hours, CōDICEDS will preclude its right to cancel the order.

Wire Transfer Data:
Name: CODICEDS di Davighi Leonardo e Porcacchia Sanpaolesi Filippo Maria S.N.C.
IBAN: IT75A0200805209000105614647 BIC/SWIFT: UNCRITM1710
Reason of Payment: CODICEDS – order number 000000 (indicate Order Number received via email).

Art. 9 – Order Confirmation
Once an order is received, the seller will send an order conformation email through the website www.codiceds.com with all relevant data, providing the customer with the opportunity to check the order content and make changes in case of mistakes. Should the seller not receive any modifications from the customer within the 24 hours from the receipt of the order confirmation to the email address [email protected], the order is considered final. Once a final order is received, the seller will make sure that the products ordered are available, and only in this case will the seller inform the customer that the products are available and that they have been shipped. Should the product ordered by the customer not be available temporarily, the seller will promptly inform the customer and no later than 30 days after the receipt of the order. In this case any amount paid by the customer will be reimbursed.Only with the consent of the customer expressed before or at the time the contract is concluded, that is the moment the customer sends the final order, the seller can proceed with a different provision from the product originally ordered, but of the same quality and value.
The seller reserves the right to reject the order not only for the cases described in articles 7, 8 and 9 of these Conditions but also in the case of:
1.personal data provided are not real;
2.prior non-performance, abnormal or abusive exchanges, returns or claims in previous orders;
3.current disputes with the customer;
4.unavailability of the products.
CōDICEDS will also reject all orders to a PO Box address.
Once payment has been received, the seller will process the order from Monday through Friday, 11 am to 4.30 pm.

Art 10 – Product Delivery
The seller will deliver the products ordered to the address indicated by the customer at the time of purchase or at the time of registration on the website www.codiceds.com, unless otherwise agreed in written form. Delivery will be carried out via courier. The order will be processed entirely and with one single delivery only when all selected products are available at the same time. Any possible delay with the delivery or the supervened impossibility to deliver one or more confirmed products do not invalidate the contract which stands relatively to the products already delivered as well as to those to be delivered in the future. The seller will do its utmost to ship products within three to ten business days from the receipt of the payment and in any case no later then thirty days. During Summer and Christmas holidays, orders might be delayed by a wee to thirty days.
Shipping costs for orders above €150 within the borders of the European Union are taken over by the seller. Shipping cost towards any other country outside of the EU will be paid by the customer based on the tariffs calculated by the courier, which may vary according to the different destinations.
CōDICEDS is not responsible for any possible delays with the delivery as well as for any damages caused by the courier for late or missed delivery, as the contract is executed with the handover of the products to the courier. The seller shall do its best to support the customer by gathering all relevant information via the dedicated Customer Service channel with the courier in case of delayed or missed delivery. In case of failure to withdraw the ordered goods or of missed delivery for reasons not imputable to the seller or the courier, the customer will pay all relevant additional delivery costs.

Art. 11 – Acceptance of the Product
1.The customer shall check the integrity of the packaging at the time of delivery and the condition of its content. Any anomaly shall be reported within 24 hours from the receipt of the packaging, or they will be forfeited. In case of damage and/or tempering of the packaging, the customer should refuse the goods. Once the courier’s document has been signed, customers can no longer dispute the external characteristics of the delivered goods.
2. CōDICEDS jewels are the result of manual processing and finishes that give each object a unique set of characteristics. Therefore replicas of the same model may not look identical and any differences that may result are not to be considered as flaws.

Art. 12 – Payment Receipt
Once the payment has been received, the seller shall prepare a receipt of payment. In order to do that non-Italian customers must indicate date and place of birth while Italian customers requiring an invoice should indicate their fiscal code.

Art. 13 – Right of Withdrawal and Returns
1.Customers can exercise their right of withdrawal for any reason and be reimbursed. Customers can exercise such right within 10 working days from the receipt of the goods by sending an email to [email protected] and by sending the products back within 11 days from the receipt of the order.
2.Copy of the email sent to the seller must be included in the package with all returned products to be returned in one single delivery. The seller reserves the right to refuse products of a same order returned with different deliveries.
3.Returns must be completed within 11 days from the receipt of the goods and only if the products are perfectly intact and have never been used. Personalized and/or custom products cannot be returned.
4.The customer exercising the right of withdrawal pays shipping costs for the returned goods, as well as any other delivery cost such as custom duties.
5.The customer exercising the right of withdrawal bears the risk of loss or damage to the product during its transportation to the return address indicated by the seller.
6.The customer shall include the payment receipt in the packaging with the returned products.
7.If customers return damaged or used products, without the required documentation or beyond the deadline indicated above, or if customers do not wrap the goods properly, do not include or have damaged some components, elements, accessories, documentation, then the seller reserves the right to reject the full repayment of the purchased goods.
8.In such cases the seller is authorized to withhold the relevant costs form the total amount to be reimbursed, while the customer can regain, at his/her own expense, the products in the same conditions in which they have been sent to the seller. Otherwise the seller is authorized to withhold the goods, in addition to the amounts already paid for their purchase.
9.Within 30 days from the return of the products, the seller shall pay back the sums paid by the customers, with the limitations indicated above, through a bank transfer to the customer account.
10.In case of non-correspondence between the recipient of the purchased products and the person who has effectively paid for the goods, in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal the seller will refund the person who has carried out the payment.

Art. 14 – Exceptions to the Right of Withdrawal
1.Right of withdrawal is not applicable in case of damaged or only partly damaged goods.
2.No right of withdrawal is applicable in case of customized size and/or products.

Art. 15 – Warranty, Compliance and Terms
1.CōDICEDS products are protected by warranty for a period of 18 months from the date of purchase.
2.The seller makes its utmost to ensure that the description and specifications of the product at the time of purchase and delivery are accurate and complete.
3.The seller is responsible to the customer for any conformity defects existing at the time of delivery.
4.In case of conformity defects, the components will be either repaired or replaced at our discretion based on an overall evaluation, and at no charge for the customer.
5.In case of lack of conformity at the time of delivery the customer has to promptly inform the seller by email at [email protected], including a full description of the problem; the customer shall provide the seller with any required proof of the issue, even through photography, in order to give the seller the means to evaluate the defect.
6.Any evidence of product tampering voids the warranty and any rights of the customer for free repairs and/or replacements.
7.Once the warranty is expired, repairs will be charged at a reasonable amount.

Art. 16 – Trademarks
1.CōDICEDS is the sole owner of the trademarks, models, designs, packaging, as well as of any contents included on its website www.codiceds.com.
2.Any unauthorized reproduction, modification, use, distribution, resale to third parties of trademarks, models, products, packaging or of any other content of the website www.codiceds.com is strictly forbidden.
3.Customers are not allowed under any circumstance to modify, distribute resell to third parties CōDICEDS products, models, designs and packaging under a different brand. Customers are entitled to use information included on the website only for personal use.
4.The seller is authorized to reject orders from customers who have infringed such provision or if the seller suspects any infringement of such type. Any infringements of these provisions will be legally pursued.
5.CōDICEDS is also the sole owner of the stone replacement mechanism currently illustrated in the website www.codiceds.com, currently under patent demand and full international protection. Any attempts to copy this mechanism is an infringement of international patent law and will be pursued legally.

Art. 17 – Contacts
Customers can contact the team at CōDICEDS via email at [email protected], via WhatsApp at +39 339 3989881 Monday through Friday 11 am to 7 pm or in writing to CōDICEDS – Via Napoleone III 6, 00185 Rome, Italy.

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