C06 Bronze

Oval Bronze Ring with stone Bee C06 Bronze 
Finish: Soft Bush-Hammering
Weight w/o Stone: 12gr
Measures: Height 26mm; Top Footprint 19×13,5mm
Interior: Carved Logo, Model, Size
Hand Made
Made in Italy
Stone replacement mechanism
Compatible with stones C06

This ring also includes stone Marble C06 Blue as a bonus

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Bronze with carved Logo and Size
Stainless Steel Plungers
Micro Magnet
Hand Made
Made in Italy

The Bee has always been an endless source of mythological, esoteric, political and religious symbols. It is part of a well-structured and efficient society. Relentless, its role – that the Romans already described as fructuosus – is to work for the good of the hive, the community. Its tireless activity transforms pollen into honey – used to make Ambrosia, a sacred beverage in many antique cultures – and it also produces wax, at the base of many religious objects. Its custom to withdraw in winter and appear again in the spring has made the Bee the emblem of regeneration, of the eternal cycle of life and death. To past symbolism we can now add the bee’s newly discovered role as extraordinary biological indicator, signaling chemical damages to the environment and therefore of the potential risks to mankind.

Roman, Carved intaglio gemstone, 1st-3rd century, Yale University Art Gallery

CōDICEDS jewels are the result of manual processing and finishes that give each object a unique set of characteristics. Therefore replicas of the same model may not look identical and any differences that may result are not to be considered as flaws.

How to replace a stone

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Bee C06 Bronze

Pietra Omaggio

Marble C06 Blue


23, 24, 25

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