C15 Silver

Pair of Silver Cufflinks with stone Granulation C02 Bronze
Weight w/o Stone: 14gr
Measures: Top Footprint 19×11,5mm
Hand Made
Made in Italy
Stone replacement mechanism
Compatible with stones C02

These cufflinks also include stones Marble C02 Black as a bonus

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Burnished Silver with Carved Logo, Model, Silver Stamp, Mark
Measures: Length 27,5mm
Stainless Steel Plungers
Micro Magnet
Hand Made
Made in Italy

The VII century B.C. Etruscan tombs have given us back many precious artifacts decorated through the granulation technique, an art already in use in the second millennium BC and which had been introduced in central Italy by eastern civilizations during the Orientalizing period. The Granulation method consisted in the welding of spherules or granules of precious metal on a surface, creating geometrical motives or figurative patterns. After the Roman colonization of the Etruscans, this technique disappeared together with the relevant and complex know-how to reproduce it. In spite of the numerous attempts to recuperate this art throughout history, the excellence of the Etruscan craftsmanship has never been reached.

Bernardini and Barberini Tombs, second half of VII century BC, Museo di Villa Giulia, Rome

CōDICEDS jewels are the result of manual processing and finishes that give each object a unique set of characteristics. Therefore replicas of the same model may not look identical and any differences that may result are not to be considered as flaws.

Burnished silver jewels have to be treated with most care, avoiding bumps and scratches that could compromise the finishing. We also suggest you avoid a thorough cleaning because that could damage the finishing itself and increase that slight brightening of the color tone that may happen in time with the use.

Read the FAQ to know more about the stone replacement mechanism and how to take care of your jewels



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