Marble C10 Blue

For Ring model C10 and Cufflinks C14
Material: Polymer Clay
Measures: 13,5x13mm
Weight: 0,7gr
Made in Italy


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In the late Republican era and especially later during the Roman Empire (1st century AC), the use of polychrome marble became predominant for the decoration of public and private buildings. Huge quantities of marble were imported from the conquered territories. Red porphyry, green serpentine, antique yellow and pavonazzetto were cut in plaques in order to create engravings (opus sectile) for pavements and walls.
With the economic crisis of the Empire, the spreading of Christianity and the increasing cost of import, older buildings were slowly stripped of their precious marbles which were reused for the decoration of new churches and palazzos in Rome.
The word “marble” comes from the Greek màrmaros, or resplendent stone.

CōDICEDS jewels are the result of manual processing and finishes that give each object a unique set of characteristics. Therefore replicas of the same model may not look identical and any differences that may result are not to be considered as flaws.

How to replace a stone

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