Omonoia C10 Bronze

For Ring model C10 and Cufflinks C14
Engraved Bronze
Measures: 13,5x13mm
Weight: 3gr
Made in Italy


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The Greek word Omonoia expresses the natural and legal bond at the basis of a community and its civic coexistence. Hellenistic as well as Roman Imperial coins represent Omonioa as Concordia, a Roman goddess symbolizing political unity or also a family bond as well as the love between spouses. On other Roman artifacts of the Imperial Age, Omonoia is depicted as a dextrarum iunctio, two clasped right hands indicating a form of agreement and the inscription OMONOIA, or sometimes just through the simple lettering.

A fifth-century Byzantine gold and agate cameo ring with clasped right hands (dextrarum iunctio), Private Collection

CōDICEDS jewels are the result of manual processing and finishes that give each object a unique set of characteristics. Therefore replicas of the same model may not look identical and any differences that may result are not to be considered as flaws.

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